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What is the Average UX Designer Salary in the UK?

When searching for a new role in UX design that you know will suit your needs and meet your expectations, you will naturally want to ensure that the salary offered is as attractive as the rest of the job description and benefits supplied.

Similarly, those looking to hire a UX designer for their organisation will need to ensure that the salary being offered is competitive enough to gain the attention of skilled individuals – while also remaining within the average for their local area.

To help you in your search, we have provided this guide on the average UX designer salary in the United Kingdom as assessed at different levels, according to salary experts.

How much does a UX Designer make?

Average salaries for UX professionals will not necessarily be ‘the’ average everywhere in the UK. How much any one individual will make depends on a range of factors, including where the position is based and how senior the position is within their company or organisation. For ease of reading and your convenience, we have separated these into different sections below:

The average UX designer salary in the UK

As of 2022, the national average for a UX designer salary in the UK is somewhere in the region of £52,000. Broader pay ranges than this are available, depending on location and how many years of experience any one individual has. Overall, this results in the average overall falling somewhere between £40,000 and £65,000 for above-entry-level positions.

You may also find positions offering higher or lower salaries than this, though these salaries are likely to be influenced by the level of education, qualifications, the years of experience required in that specific field, and the skills required for the position.

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The average UX designer salary in London

As a business and technical hub, companies and organisations within London are often in positions where they are able to offer the highest salaries. This is compared to businesses based elsewhere in the UK.

User experience designer salaries in London will also fluctuate, but a skilled individual with several years of experience can expect to earn somewhere between £60,000 and £70,000. This will then increase over time and with the development of skills attained while working.


    The average salary for heads of UX design

    A Head of UX Design will, naturally, earn more than other positions within the field of user experience. As a result, they are likely to start on a salary of around £85,000 annually.

    They will then have the opportunity to learn and grow in their careers, gaining more experience and eventually earning raises that will push them to the upper pay rates for talent working within this profession. This may even be as high as £123,000 per year, depending on the organisation chosen (with London-based corporations being prominent examples of this) and the number of years spent within the role.

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    The average salary for mid-level UX designers

    For individuals who have worked their way up from entry-level and junior positions with beginner salaries, the average salary for a mid-level UX designer will be somewhere between £36,000 and £47,000. This may then increase up to £51,000, at which point these professionals will be earning almost the national average for the profession as a whole.

    From this position they are more likely to have grown and developed enough in their careers that they will be promoted to senior and lead positions. Alternatively, they may simply find it easier to look for roles elsewhere that can offer them salaries that reflect their knowledge and years of experience.

    The average salary for junior and entry-level UX designers

    Beginner salaries for junior and entry-level positions in UX design will vary a lot more, depending on the company and its location, as well as the number of years of experience the individual has at what they are doing. As a result, you are likely to see entry-level salaries and salaries for junior UX designers ranging between £19,000 and £30,000. This pay scale may increase even more in cities like London, where it is possible to find junior UX designer salaries that will start at £38,000 and increase from there with years of experience.


    The average salary for UX design managers

    The average salary for a UX design manager in the UK is very similar to the national average overall.

    For those with only a few years of experience behind them in this position, starting salaries should be around £52,000. However, as these individuals gain experience and develop their skills over time this should increase to around £72,000. Depending on location and the organisation involved , this may then increase by as much as £25,000 to a salary of £97,000 annually.

    The average salary for lead UX designers

    The average starting salary for a lead UX designer is around £55,000, but individuals who progress will quickly see an increase to around £65,000. The most experienced workers in this role will earn around £80,000 a year.

    The average salary for senior UX designers

    Those who have worked their way up into the position of senior UX designer, or those who have recently moved into new careers as senior UX designers, will be starting this position on a salary of around £60,000. As they learn new skills and develop in this position, it should increase to somewhere around £70,000.


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