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What Is the Average Data Engineer Salary in the UK?

The average data engineer salary in the United Kingdom will vary depending on location, specific job title, and the organisation in question. This can make it difficult to sort through the numbers in order to arrive at the ideal salary for a new hire, or to know your worth when searching for new opportunities.

Oakleaf Technology, Change, and Transformation have created this guide to offer numbers on average data engineer salaries in the UK. We’ll cover the salaries a data engineer can expect to see, collected by a leading specialist recruitment agency.

The average data engineer salary in the UK

As of 2022, the national average for a data engineer in the UK is somewhere between £49,000 and £65,000. Broader pay ranges than this are available, however, depending on jobs’ locations, and individual skill and experience. This also does not include London-based organisations.

The average data engineer salary in London

As a business and tech hub, data engineers are in high demand in the capital. This makes jobs more competitive to get, and the salaries more lucrative. Many of these firms will be in a better position to offer a higher salary than those based elsewhere in the UK. As a result, you may expect to see salaries starting at around £50,000 and going up to £70,000 or more.

With enough skill and experience, some candidates may even be offered positions with salaries somewhere between £82,000 and £90,000.

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The average salary for a Head of Data Engineering

The salary for a Head of Data Engineering fluctuates heavily depending on location. For some, this may mean an average salary of around £69,000 a year, while others may have salaries of somewhere between £75,000 and £95,000.

The average salary for a Director of Data Engineering

A Director of Data Engineering can also expect salaries to vary greatly depending on location. Some, particularly those outside of London, may receive an annual salary of £50,000. As the Director of Data Engineering position is generally considered similar to a Head of Data Engineering position, this salary may then increase to £90,000 or more.


    The average salary for a lead data engineer

    The average salary for a lead data engineer is generally considered to be somewhere around £70,000. This is the average for an individual with a few years of experience in this role; entry-level individuals may start on lower salaries of around £60,000, while those with significant experience may be on salaries of £90,000 or more.

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    The average salary for an associate data engineer

    The average salary for an associate data engineer is similar to that of a junior data engineer. This means you are likely to see salaries for an associate-level data engineer at around £33,000 to £34,000. This number may then increase depending on the knowledge, skills, and experience gained over time.

    The average salary for an entry-level data engineer

    Starting salaries for entry-level data engineers have been provided throughout this article, as entry-level positions are available for every level of seniority. Entry-level level salaries for junior data engineers are likely to be the lowest salaries that you will find, and these will normally start at somewhere around £28,000.

    These salaries are more likely to be available to candidates just starting out in their careers (particularly graduates), who have less than three years of experience in the field or the industry sector they have chosen.


    The average salary for a senior data engineer

    The salary for the position of senior data engineer may depend on the industry chosen, as well as years of experience and location. This may result in some individuals, like those working for the Government Digital Services, earning salaries of anywhere between £49,000 and £64,000. Other Senior Data Engineers working in different sectors of industry, however, may find themselves on starting salaries of around £60,000 and this number increases to £70,000 or more.

    The average salary for a mid-level data engineer

    A mid-level data engineer’s starting salary is likely to be around £40,000 on average across the UK. With experience, and through the accumulation of knowledge and skills over time, this number is then likely to increase to an average of around £50,000. This number may even increase further, depending on the location of the business in question, resulting in a higher average salary of £55,000 a year or more.

    The average salary for a junior data engineer

    A junior data engineer can expect to see starting salaries of around £28,000. By gaining experience, individuals can quickly expect this number to increase to an annual salary of somewhere between £33,000 and £35,000. But this is not the only range to be expected in this position. Some firms, including those in London, may choose to offer higher salaries than this to junior data engineers. This may mean that some individuals in junior positions will have salaries of £36,000 or more – and may even see their salaries increase to £45,000.

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